product design

bringing design to life

Spike work with designers, engineers, manufacturers and inventors to create high quality visualisations of their product ideas. The images and animations we create are used in early concept presentations, market testing and focus groups during design development and for product marketing without the need for prototypes and photography.

We can work from detailed CAD data or from the simplest of sketches to create visuals for presentations, print images for brochures or content for your website. Computer graphics gives you the flexibility to explore materials and colour options and to place your product in different lighting scenarios.

 Butterfly Technology

butterflyThumb Butterfly Technology approached Spike to help promote "Squeeze with Ease", a patented device that extracts every last drop of product from a tube. With a small budget but a big desire to find investors, the Butterfly Technology team used this animation to boost their chances. Appearances on GMTV and Dragon's Den followed and development continues... Check out the lab tests!

widgetIGESButterfly supplied basic CAD data for the Squeeze with Ease widget. Spike can handle data from all major applications, but if all you've got is a sketch on a napkin, we can model from that too! image2image3 image4

dragonsDenNo videos are allowed in the Dragon's Den, but high resolution images were rendered from the same data to create printed panels for the the TV pitch. As well as appearing on Dragon's Den, Squeeze with Ease featured on GMTV and the YouTube version of the video attracted interest from all over the world. image5