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images that attract attention 

3D computer graphics is an affordable (just ask us!) way to create impressive graphics for your presentation, your web page or your brochures. The beauty of a 3D model is that it can be re-used in different poses, different environments or even animated to add even more sparkle.


autoRemindIcons01Danish/American company AutoRemind provide communication services to doctors and dentists across the world. Their automated text message and voice call appointment reminder service is well established and they are planning new services for their clients. To promote these services Spike created a number of simple graphics to help get the message across. icon02 icon03 icon04 icon05 icon06

robot_03Auto the robot is the friendly face of AutoRemind. He handles all the text messages, voice calls and emails to remind patients of their appointments. He takes control, so that everyone else can relax, knowing that patient communications are in good hands.

Each of the models created for AutoRemind are 100% re-usable, so Auto the Robot can be put in new poses and the icons can be rendered from different angles and at different resolutions.robot17 robot08 robot14 robot13 robot11

autoremindIconReel Of course, we can do more than just render stills; the AutoRemind icons were animated to bring the messages to life