the process

ok, so what do we do and how do we do it?

Your Challenge

  • You have a great product, a great design or a great idea
  • You need to sell it to your customers, your client or your stake holders
  • Your presentation must be engaging, clear and concise

How we help

  • We capture the essence of products, design or concepts and create a simple, clear videos that tells the story
  • We visualise designs using high quality 3D computer graphics and animation
  • We create informative graphics to communicate ideas whether it’s in print, a PowerPoint or on a website

See how we produced a 30 second film to pitch a patented idea to potential investors

See how a new intake of students was signed up before new school buildings were built

How do we do it?

  • We take the time to get inside your idea, so that others can get there too
  • Once we have captured your story, we can take your sketches, 2D plans or photographs to create the 3D models we use in production, or we can design and build from scratch. If you already work in 3D, we can re-use your existing CAD models
  • We have decades of experience in computer graphics and a wide range of tools in our armoury. At the heart of that toolset is Maya, the most capable 3D animation system in the market
  • We work with you all the way through the process so that you see your movie evolve from a storyboard, through to delivery. Our secure client area enables you to view work in progress with complete confidentiality
  • We deliver. We work hard to deliver great quality and great value whatever your budget